By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 22, 2015
Credit: © Patti McConville / Alamy

A fast food chain adding a chicken sandwich to their menu might not seem like much of an innovation, but when you’re the hottest burger place on the planet – and a company that had one of the most publicized IPOs in the past year – getting into the chicken game is big news.

Shake Shack has made no formal announcement that they plan to add a chicken sandwich, but last month the quickly booming burger chain filed for the trademark “Chicken Shack,” saying the name was intended for “chicken sandwiches,” fueling speculation that the company that has built its reputation serving burgers and hotdogs (and, of course, really good shakes… and beer and wine) has its sights set on appealing to the chicken crowd. Granted, the brand does currently feature a hotdog made from chicken meat – but it’s typically best not to think about what kind of meat your hotdog is made from.

In a statement to CNBC, the company denied everything, saying, “We constantly test new menu items in our test kitchen…. We have no new items to announce at this time.” But that didn’t prevent sites like Business Insider from running headlines like “A popular burger chain could become Chick-fil-A’s biggest threat,” and speculating that “Chicken Shack” could even be a whole “new chain.”

Meanwhile, that much publicized Shake Shack stock has been hovering around record highs the past few days. Turns out investors may be bullish on chicken.