By Mike Pomranz
Updated November 01, 2016
Shake Shack Den Burger
Credit: © Toru Kometani

It’s not every day a fast food chain serves up burger from a Michelin-starred chef, but Shake Shack prides itself on not being like every other fast food chain.

The Japanese outpost of Danny Meyer’s high-minded burger joint has announced it will be celebrating the chain’s one-year anniversary in the Asian island nation by unleashing a one-day-only burger collaboration with Zaiyu Hasegawa, the chef behind Japan’s two-Michelin-starred eatery Jimbocho Den. The resulting “Den Shack” burger will reportedly elevate your usual Shack Burger by adding bacon, marinated cucumbers and red miso to the mix. Granted, I don’t think you need two Michelin stars to add bacon, cucumbers and red miso to a Shake Shack burger, but Hasegawa’s magic Michelin-approved touch definitely gives this burger some added allure.

According to High Snobiety, the team-up between Hasegawa and the Meyer’s empire came about because the Jimbocho Den chef is a fan of the Shack himself, taking a liking to the slightly-more-upscale-by-fast-food-standard’s chain after dropping into an outlet in New York. I guess Gray’s Papaya isn’t good enough for you when you are an internationally renowned chef.

For Shack fans on the other side of the world from NYC, the Den Shack burger will be available on November 3 only and will sell for 930 yen – or about $9. You’re unlikely to find yourself a Michelin-starred meal for anywhere near that price. Unless you go to Singapore where the Michelin guide just handed out a star to a $2-per-meal street food vendor.