And a returning “fan fave” from last year.
Shake Shack Holiday Shakes
Credit: Courtesy of Shake Shack

Thanks to the continuing cult of pumpkin spice, autumn — which some pumpkin purveyors now believe starts as early as August — has usurped a lot of the seasonal food and beverage excitement from winter, which, with its mix of holiday cheer and cold weather, is really the more sensible seasonal king. Luckily, some brands don’t buy into the pre-Halloween hype and still save their seasonal releases for the actual holiday season — like Shake Shack, which has just rolled out its three holiday seasonal shakes with only a week or so left to go before Thanksgiving. (What restraint!)

This year’s holiday lineup includes two new shakes: a Chocolate Peppermint Shake and a White Mocha Shake. The former is described as a “chocolate frozen custard blended with peppermint topped with whipped cream + chocolate peppermint candy crumbles,” while the latter is said to be “white chocolate coffee frozen custard topped with whipped cream + white chocolate curls.” Meanwhile, 2018 will also see the return of the Christmas Cookie Shake, which Shake Shack bills as a returning “fan fave.” That shake, as all you fans will recall, is “sugar cookie frozen custard topped with whipped cream, crumbled shortbread and red + green sprinkles.”

All three shakes officially launched at Shake Shack locations yesterday and will remain on menus until Wednesday, January 2. As the brand says in its official announcement, you can “try this trio in-Shack or use the Shack App to order ahead.” If they mean that suggestion literally —as in trying all three shakes in one sitting — the app almost certainly seems like the way to go. What is the point of privately ordering online with a faceless app if not to order three different shakes all for yourself at one time? Consider it a holiday present to yourself that no one needs to know about.