Winter is coming, and so is chili season.

Next week, Shake Shack will take its comfort food game to a whole new level.

Just in time for soup season, the fast casual spot is adding chili to its menu. Starting October 30, guests with ambitious appetites can feast on crinkle-cut cheese fries, beef hot dogs, and cheeseburgers topped with smoked and slow-braised beef chili, cooked with ancho and chile de arbol peppers for a little extra kick. And you thought your Shack Burger was filling.

True Shake Shack diehards are likely to note that customers ordering off the “secret menu” were already concocting “chili” cheese fries simply by adding chopped peppers to cheese fries. The new offerings, however, will streamline the process for chili lovers everywhere.

Devote carnivores can order the new menu items through the Shake Shack app beginning October 30, and in restaurants beginning November 2. They’ll be available for a limited time in locations nationwide, except those in airports, stadiums and ballparks. Oh, and pro tip: Though you won’t see it on the menu, ordering a side of chili will get you a cup of the good stuff, according to Shake Shack insiders.

The chili menu is only the latest menu spinoff for the burger chain. In recent months, it’s experimented with everything from fried chicken sandwiches and breakfast items to Will & Grace milkshakes and eel burgers.