Credit: © Patti McConville / Alamy

If you’ve invested any of your money in the much hyped Shake Shack stock, you might not have loved what Shack CEO Randy Garutti had to say to his employees this week: “I want to challenge you to put us out of business.” Though my guess is he didn’t mean it as literally as it reads.

The revelation opens an article written for Fast Company looking into how Shake Shack has been a leader in the new “better burger” revolution – burger chains that are challenging the notion of what a fast food burger place should be like.

The quote was taken from a pep talk the Shake Shack leader gave just before the opening of a new location in Boston – their 66th location overall. “What do I mean by that?” he continued. “Put us out of business because you are so damn generous with what you give the people who walk in this door. If there’s a kid crying, who’s going to walk over with a free cup of custard? I challenge you to put us out of business with how generous you are. Go do it. Give away free stuff.”

Garutti justified his advice by saying he wants diners at Shake Shack to have a positive and memorable experience. “You go to a fast-food restaurant, your expectation is generally low,” he told Fast Companny. “We’re going to go way above that. We’re going to make it so that everybody who walks out is saying, ‘I can’t believe what that guy did at Shake Shack!’”

Though I’m guessing Garutti’s not hoping you walk out saying, “That guy might have put Shake Shack out of business, but it was super nice of him to give me the whole shake machine.”