Or your platonic lunch buddy (but, shhh). 
shake shack and postmates
Credit: The Washington Post / Getty Images

Online dating is a whole thing. You have to swipe through thousands of profiles that are like, "Brad/Age:28/5'10" because apparently that's important to some of you/My parents met on Tinder lol," before you find someone interesting-slash-cute, hope they also find you interesting-slash-cute so you can match, spend a few days just missing each other's in-app messages, finally transition to real texting, decide to meet up, and then have to figure out what to actually do. Luckily, Shake Shack has stepped in to help you out with that last part. Today, they're partnering with the dating app Bumble (that's the one where women have to message men first, although in same-sex matches, either party can make the first move) to offer users a buy-one-get-one-free burger deal (a.k.a. one for you, one for your date).

Here's how it works. Open the Bumble app (or download it here if you're not already a user), swipe through, and keep an eye out for Shake Shack's profile, which contains a promo code and additional details. You can redeem the offer in the Shake Shack app (available here) or by showing the Bumble profile screen to the employee behind the counter if you're ordering in-person at a participating location. A few more things to know: the deal is one-time only, and you need to place an order of at least $10 for the offer to apply (so, maybe get some cheese fries to share). Also, the maximum savings are $6, meaning it's good for a free ShackBurger or hamburger, but if your date wants, say, a Double SmokeShack (a.k.a. two cheeseburger patties topped with applewood smoked bacon, chopped cherry peppers, and ShackSauce), you'll have to pay up.

Oh, and, this probably goes without saying, but you don't have to bring a Bumble match. Treat a friend to lunch! Only one of you needs to pull up the Bumble profile screen (or open the Shake Shack app) for the deal to apply.