Seth Rogen, grocery store, shoppers
Credit: © Steve Granitz/WireImage/Getty Images

Thinking about buying a cantaloupe, sausage stick or loaf of bread? You may want to think again.

In a clever prank to promote the release of the very weird, very R-rated Sausage Party, Seth Rogen used remote-controlled, animatronic foods to scare the hell out of unsuspecting supermarket shoppers. The result: screams, laughs and some good old-fashioned revenge.

Disguised as the aforementioned foods, Rogen and a brilliant tech team hurled insults at customers (from NYC, nonetheless!) as they perused the aisles and tried various samples. While most passerbys were startled and amused, others joined in on the fun and devoured foods right in front of the horrified robots. One gentleman went so far as to rip a baguette and eat it in front of Rogen's talking loaf.

The premise of Sausage Party revolves around a food's desire to be "chosen" and taken home, only to find out they are actually sliced, grilled and violently consumed by humans. Needless to say, these robot foods were none too happy with the hungry New Yorkers.

Check out the full clip below.