Step 1: Decapitate a chocolate Easter bunny.

By Adam Campbell-Schmitt
Updated June 21, 2019
Jon Pack/NBC

Getting a little tipsy and appearing on a talk show is pretty old hat for Hollywood personalities, but there’s still something charming about watching beloved public figures who’ve knocked back a few try to keep their composure as they chat with the host. It’s no wonder, then, that Seth Meyers has turned that concept into a recurring segment on Late Night. The premise? Meyers and a guest go day drinking with a swanky lounge and bar at their disposal. Last night, the latest iteration aired with Meyers pouring some bespoke cocktails for singer, entrepreneur, and Meyers's (admitted) crush Rihanna at New York's The Jane Hotel.

After Seth chugs a beer to kick off the video, he gets behind the bar to treat Rihanna to some drinks he’s concocted to pay tribute to some of her most well-known songs. For “Umbrella” it’s Under My Rumbrella which features rum, chocolate rum balls, rum raisin ice cream, and ton of cocktail umbrellas. We should point out, these aren’t meant to be good cocktails.

“Diamonds” inspired Diamonds in the Rye, which is comprised of rye whiskey and Blue Diamond Almond milk which Meyers explains is “nut milk” — a phrase that Rihanna responds to (correctly) with, “don’t you say that ever again.”

For “We Found Love” it’s We Found Veuve in a Hostess Place. Pour some Veuve Clicquot Champagne in a flute, pop in a Twinkie and call it a day. In a wise move, Rihanna goes for a swig straight from the bottle instead.

And finally, “Bitch Better Have My Money” becomes Bitch Better Have My Bunny, which requires lopping the head off a hollow chocolate bunny and pouring in some straight tequila. It’s just that simple.

Watch the whole video below:

Later on, Meyers and Rihanna also give each other bartender-ly advice (he thinks she should be an airline pilot if she quits music), Meyers also tries out some pick-up lines with Rihanna registering her disapproval with a bell which, honestly, should be a thing at actual bars, Rihanna gives Meyers a Fenty Beauty makeover, and then Meyers serenades the singer with her own songs as they’re both (okay, mostly Seth) getting closer to three sheets to the wind status.

Speaking of charming celebrities drinking, another recent “Day Drinking” episode featured Ina Garten, with Meyers testing her on everything from “fast food or Barefoot Contessa recipe” to celebrities’ feet. Check it out here.