Naturally, there were plenty of giggles.

This video from Late Night With Seth Meyers is exactly what the world needs right now—a light-hearted, delightful bit called “Seth and Ina Go Day Drinking,” starring none other than Seth Meyers and Ina Garten. The TV hosts are hanging out at New York's Corner Bistro, sipping drinks, acting buddy-buddy, and getting ready for “a fine afternoon of good conversation and some libations,” as Meyers says. In other words? They compete in a series of challenges and wacky guessing games, all while drinking throughout—and it gets better with every minute.

The first task is mixing some of Garten’s cocktail recipes: a Duke’s Cosmopolitan, Mai Tai, and Fresh Whiskey Sour. The two square off at a bar—separated by a partition, so “she can’t cheat off me,” Meyers quips—and chaos quickly ensues. Meyers didn’t bring any equipment, while Garten slyly packed her own measuring cup; he dumps ice everywhere while making the Mai Tai and “eyeballs” the rum. (Even though Garten can’t see him, she’s giggling the whole time.) The two try each of each other’s drinks—when the final Whiskey Sours are poured, Garten says she definitely won.

Next up is a dipping sauce guessing game, where Meyers has to identify which sauce is a Barefoot Contessa recipe, and which one was made by a fast food chain. There’s her Mustard Horseradish Sauce versus Arby’s “Horsey Dip;” BFC BBQ sauce versus McDonald’s; and a gravy match-up with KFC. Meyers guesses right every time—and he dares Garten to try each of the fast food sauces, too. Arby’s elicits a “wahhhh” noise, while KFC gravy gets “it tastes like gravy.” (If you’re watching, KFC, they think that should be your new slogan and we agree).

Credit: Lloyd Bishop/NBC

Then, Garten is up again in a feet guessing game—yes, feet—which Seth says is inspired by Barefoot Contessa, naturally. Garten has to look at pictures of different celebrities and match them up with pictures of their feet, in which she reveals a pretty impressive hidden talent. She correctly matches Julia Roberts, Jennifer Aniston, and Scarlett Johansson to their respective pairs of feet—the male feet were a little harder. Ryan Reynolds, Matthew McConaughey, and Meyers himself are all on the lineup, and Garten thinks his feet are Ryan Reynold’s feet (which he doesn’t seem to mind). She also nails identifying different chef catchphrases in the next game (“Bam!” by Emeril was a dead giveaway).

The segment closes with Meyers bringing out a cake for Garten’s birthday—it’s supposed to be her own Birthday Cake with Hot Pink Butter Icing recipe, but it comes out looking a little squashed. The attempt to write her name in icing doesn’t go well either, so he ends up writing it on the bar instead while Garten watches in amusement. Meyers might not be the next great baker, but one thing’s for sure—he definitely knows his dipping sauces.

In other Ina Garten news, she released a playlist for Valentine's Day including “some of the best romantic love songs of all time,” in case you need an Ina-approved soundtrack for your fancy V-Day dinner.

You can find it on her website, Apple Music, and Spotify.