By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 22, 2014
© Peter Klemek

Everyone does gingerbread houses at this time of year. Frankly they’re a little overdone. Thankfully, someone decided to boldly take gingerbread where no gingerbread had gone before.

Blackmarket Bakery in Cosa Mesa, California, recently unleashed their Gingerbread USS Enterprise on the Internet – a Christmas treat that is sure to excite Star Trek fans. Unfortunately, Blackmarket won't tell the world how they built the ship, but there are eleven images, allowing you to check it out from every angle, like this one:

It even comes equipped with a candy cane transporter beam (at least I think that’s what it is…) with the practical purpose of helping the ship soar throughout the galaxy – or at least stay lofted about a foot or so off the table.

Their futuristic creation is currently on display at the bakery. If you’re a big Star Trek fan, beam yourself over there. Star Trek references!

[h/t Boing Boing]