It has a theme song and everything.

Orange Is the New Black is returning to Netflix this Friday, June 9...and naturally, something had to be done to commemorate the event. Well, Sesame Street stepped up to the plate and delivered as only Sesame Street can.

The show has a tradition of creating spot-on parodies that go right over the heads of the children watching them and straight into the hearts of the parents watching over their shoulders. This one's no exception. It stars puppet versions of characters from the popular prison-set show, including Piper (that's "Piper Snackman" to you), a snack monitor named Red, and Crazy—er—"Googly Eyes."

It even shares a theme song! Sort of. Regina Spektor's "You've Got Time" gets a schoolyard-friendly makeover: "We've got time for snacks..."

The parody actually aired on HBO all the way back on January 30, 2016 in Episode 4604, but this particular clip was just released today on Sesame Street's YouTube channel, presumably in a timely nod to the OITNB season premiere.

Thankfully, the G-rated parody doesn't taken place in Litchfield Penitentiary. Instead, Piper arrives as a new student at Litchfield Academy and remarks on the odd uniforms worn by the other girls (they're similar to the prison uniforms worn by the women on the TV show). Soon, the snack monitor arrives with cookies for everyone, but Piper would rather eat the snack she's brought from home: an orange.

"Oranges divide into sections," she explains. "So they are perfect for sharing."

Eventually—Sesame Street spoilers ahead!—the snack monitor and teacher give in and decide that the oranges can replace the cookies: "From now on, orange is the new snack!"

Piper's teacher is pleased with the taste of oranges, but remains disappointed that Piper took so long to introduce him to them ("But I just met you!", she protests to no avail). It's off to the SHU.

Don't worry too much, though. In the Netflix show, that stands for "Security Housing Unit" and involves solitary confinement. In this version, it's a literal shoe.

Never change, Sesame Street. Never change.