The children’s television take on the Netflix thriller is packed full of food jokes.

cookie monster the joy of cookies
Credit: Courtesy of Sesame Workshop / Sesame Street

Don’t listen to Oscar the Grouch and click away from the below video. Children’s television staple Sesame Street has become known for its hilarious, kid-friendly parodies of famous (and often very adult) television series like Orange Is the New Black, The Walking Dead, and Game of Thrones, and the latest is no exception to that track record. Taking on Netflix’s ’80’s-drenched thriller series Stranger Things, the cast portrays the gang of precocious kids taking on an otherworldly creature in a clip titled “Sharing Things.”

Opening in this world’s version of The Upside-down called “The Snack-side-down,” Cookie Monster’s Cookiegorgon has a hankering for more snacks after eating all the available food, a feeling about which he confides in Barb—who is, despite her apparent fate in the actual series, alive—and heads up to the real world.

There, Ernie appears as Dustin, Grover portrays Lucas, and Slimey the worm plays a version of Dart called “Dirt.” Chief Hopper is, aptly, a bunny concerned about rotting pumpkins which the Cookiegorgon gladly takes off his hands. Oh and that shadowy, cloud creature looming over season two of Stranger Things? In “Sharing Things” it’s a giggling octopus.

The Cookiegoron eventually meets up with the gang as they’re heading out to trick or treat. When Will’s mom brings out candy for the kids, the monster devours every last bit without sharing. She then brings out a plate of cookies with similar results. In a nod to a key, cliffhanger scene in the original series, Will also spits out a gummy worm. Then Eleven (get ready for a surprise casting you should have seen coming) sets the Cookiegorgon straight while Will explains the concept of sharing with a patched-together series of drawings.

Oh, and yes this version of Stranger Things does have at least some justice for Barb. In the form of waffles.