Cookie Monster Is Getting His Own Cooking Show

The series of 'Sesame Street' segments will be called 'Cookie Monster's Foodie Truck.'

cookie monster the joy of cookies
Photo: Courtesy of Sesame Workshop / Sesame Street

It would be difficult to overstate the unsullied, undiminished, even after 48 seasons, charm of Sesame Street's Cookie Monster. He is a passionate, but simple, man (animal? Creature?), and his obsessive, near hysterical, need for cookies is objectively hilarious, regardless of age. That is why it is thrilling to learn that in the latest season of the educational program intended for kids, but enjoyed by adults (admit it, you watched, probably repeatedly, Cookie Monster's segment with Tom Hiddleston), Cookie Monster is getting his own cooking show.

Cookie Monster and his buddy Gonger (new to the show), run a food truck. In each segment, the pair get a call from a child who wants to order a meal from the pair's operation, but while preparing the recipe, the duo embark on a journey in their truck to find the main ingredient, from places like a "cranberry bog, a pasta factory, an avocado farm," according to a statement from the show. The producer featured the ingredient, whether that's a farmer or an artisan, shows Cookie Monster and Gonger how it's made before "sending the chefs home to get cooking." The goal is to help kids learn where their food comes from, and hopefully in the process, promote healthier eating habits.

'The video field trips to farms and factories are reminiscent of classic Sesame Street, and Cookie Monster—an enduring favorite with fans of all ages—is the original food fanatic," said Brown Johnson, EVP and Creative Director, Sesame Workshop. "Who better to teach kids how food gets to their plates, putting a Sesame spin on the food truck culture that's unfolding in communities across the country?"

Padma Lakshmi, the host of Top Chef, will also be stopping by in the new season of Sesame Street, to visit "international street food fair." Sounds interesting, but I'm personally more looking forward to watching Cookie Monster interview farmers, take on the role of chef, and try to drive a food truck.

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