Serendipity Ice Cream Is Available at 7-Eleven

"Frrrozen Hot Chocolate" in a pint? Yes, please.

Until recently, the only way to get Serendipity 3’s famous “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” was by heading into New York City, where the iconic restaurant has been serving indulgent frozen drinks, sundaes, and more since 1954. (Or to Boca Raton, where another Serendipity outpost remains open.) However, that all changes today as Serendipity Brands launches a new line of ice cream inspired by the restaurant’s famous desserts—and they’re available now in participating 7-Eleven stores nationwide.

Serendipity Ice Cream.
Courtesy of Serendipity Brands.

“One of Serendipity 3’s long-time customers Andy Warhol once said, ‘The idea of waiting for something makes it more exciting,’ and that’s exactly how our team feels about the launch of our new super premium line of ice cream,” Mark Smolin, CEO of Serendipity Brands, said in the statement. “The wait is finally over, and we couldn’t be more thrilled that for the first time our fans outside of New York City and across the United States will now be able to enjoy these iconic dessert flavors right from their own freezer.”

There are 8 flavors to choose from: Strawberry Fields Sundae, Outrageous Banana Split, Birthday Cake, Forbidden Broadway Sundae, Humble Pie, Vanilla Vogue, Café Espresso Chip, and of course, that signature “Frrrozen Hot Chocolate” (with hot chocolate flavored ice cream, whipped cream swirl, and chocolate shavings). I got to try some of the pints before the launch and let me tell you, they did not disappoint—the “Frozen Hot Chocolate” flavor tasted spot-on and “Humble Pie” (peanut butter swirls, chocolate chunks, and graham cracker pieces) was sweet and creamy, with a hint of salt from the peanuts.

Even if there isn’t a 7-Eleven nearby, don’t worry—you’ll still be able to get your Serendipity fix. According to the statement, the line will be rolling out to “various other retailers” as well in the next few months, so keep an eye out. In the meantime, Serendipity Brands isn’t the only new ice cream line in town. Just last week, Häagen-Dazs launched “Häagen-Dazs Spirits,” a collection of booze-infused ice cream flavors ranging from Irish Cream Brownie to Rum Tres Leches (don’t worry, no I.D. is required for purchase). The cartons have already started popping up in grocery stores nationwide.

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