'Friends,' 'The Goonies,' 'Caddyshack,' and 'A Christmas Story' Are Getting Their Own Ice Cream Flavors

Serendipity has teamed up with Warner Bros. to release four new flavors inspired by some of the studio's shows and movies.

For many people, a perfect night in is spent on the couch watching classic TV or movies with a pint of ice cream. Now, Serendipity Brands is combining all of that into one concoction. Well, not the couch. But thanks to a new partnership with Warner Bros., Serendipity is releasing a line of ice cream based on classic entertainment—and first up are pints inspired by the show Friends.

Available starting today both online and in select stores nationwide, "Central Perk Almond Fudge" nods to Friends' famous coffeehouse with "decadent chocolate covered almonds and fudge swirls" mixed into a mocha ice cream base. And though you won't see any of your favorite actors on the label, the Friends logo is featured prominently—as well as the iconic orange sofa. (Okay, so they did work the couch in!)

Serendipity ice cream flavors
Serendipity Brands

Of course, Friends' fans have seen no shortage of tie-in products over the years—especially after the show celebrated its 25th anniversary in 2019—so film fanatics may be more excited about the three other collaborations Serendipity has planned with Warner Bros. Consumer Brands: Over the course of 2021, they'll release ice creams inspired by The Goonies, Caddyshack, and A Christmas Story. Pints of "Sloth and Chunk Rocky Rooooaad?" will arrive later this month, while the other two products simply promise more details to come.

"Friends is a pop culture classic that we couldn't be more thrilled to create a special flavor for!" Sal Pesce, president and COO of Serendipity Brands, said in the announcement. "Our Central Perk Almond Fudge flavor is nostalgia in a pint that makes you feel like you're with your six best friends indulging in a sweet treat at a coffee shop."

Serendipity says the Friends flavor will be part of the ice cream brand's permanent lineup while the three film-inspired flavors will all be limited-time releases. All four flavors come with a suggested retail price of $5.99.

Meanwhile, collaborating on new ice creams is just another day in the life of Warner Bros. Consumer Brands: Previously, we've covered them teaming up for a Batman restaurant, Lord of the Rings wines, and even a different ice cream project: a Flintstones-themed pop-up ice cream shop back in 2017.

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