The Slice app is working with Slice Out Hunger and Pizza to the Polls to collect donations and deliver pies to hospitals and other health facilities across the country.


You might've seen the videos and, if you're like us, you've probably straight-up wept through half of them too. Twitter is filled with short clips of people all over the world going onto their apartment balconies, or into their front gardens, or even just leaning out of an open window to give healthcare workers a round of applause. It's happened in Spain and Switzerland, in northern Italy and in midtown Atlanta, and on Thursday night, millions of people in the United Kingdom took part in the #clapforourcarers movement, enthusiastically cheering for National Health Service (NHS) workers at 8 p.m.

Man hand cutting freshly baked pizza with a pizza cutter
Credit: Ziga Plahutar/Getty Images

Although many cities throughout the United States are organizing their own ways for residents to show their appreciation for doctors, nurses, and other healthcare personnel (while socially distancing from everyone else, obviously) a pizza delivery app has designed a way for us to say "thank you," one pie at a time.

The Slice delivery app has joined forces with the Slice Out Hunger relief organization and Pizza to the Polls to launch a service it calls Pizza vs. Pandemic. The new initiative's goals are twofold: to support local businesses and to feed the hardworking healthcare community at the same time.

"Pizza vs. Pandemic is helping support those working around the clock by arranging for hundreds of pizzas from independent pizzerias to be sent to workers at care centers, hospitals, clinics, shelters, etc. across the nation," the organization said in a statement. "Anyone from around the world can donate, and every dollar will help feed those putting their lives on the line."

Individuals can make a tax-deductible donation by clicking the "Send Pizza Relief" button on the Pizza vs. Pandemic website, and that money will be sent to an independent pizzeria through the Slice app. The restaurant will then prepare and deliver pizzas to "to someone who needs it at a hospital, clinic, shelter, or care center." (And if you know of a hospital, medical clinic, assisted-living facility or other care center that could use a few pizzas, you can recommend them through the website as well.)

Since March 21, Pizza vs. Pandemic has raised more than $82,000 that will be put toward its ongoing efforts, and it has already delivered more than 1,800 pizzas.

We're not sure what time it should happen, but these folks—the ones who are coordinating these orders and the restaurant workers that are preparing and delivering them—deserve a round of applause too.