Love Instagram and chocolate? We found the perfect Easter candy for you. 

chocolate bunnies take selfies
Credit: Courtesy of R.M. Palmer

Blame it on the millennials if you must, but there are now chocolate Easter bunnies taking selfies.

The hollow chocolate bunnies, which are a product of the R.M. Palmer candy company, are part of the company's new line of Easter candy for 2018, which includes more traditional treats like a bunny holding a giant carrot and another bunny with adorable floppy ears. The so-called Selfie Bunnies in question come in pink and blue colors and are holding white chocolate cellphones as they pose for selfies.

In a way, the technologically savvy chocolate bunnies make sense. Cellphones have become so ubiquitous in our culture that it seems inevitable they would eventually be featured in our food and candy. It’s also a bit strange though: Remember the days of traipsing around your backyard, innocently looking for multi-colored plastic Easter eggs filled with chocolate and pennies? You certainly weren’t thinking about posting a video of the festivities online at the time. A friendly bunny hiding treats for kids to find in a sun-speckled yard planted with tulips and freshly cut grass—the whole scene seems to pure to invite technology, the Internet, and God forbid, Instagram, into it.

Alas, the times have changed. If you are an adult that still celebrates or know a teen that plans to celebrate, the Selfie Bunny could be a hilarious gift that lets you skewer our current obsession with social media while still allowing you and your family to celebrate Easter by eating chocolate. Hand this to the teen in your life and she might roll her eyes at you, but at least she’d understand that you get her. Sure, we’ve got about seven more months until Easter, but it’s never too early to plan your celebrations. Maybe this is all your Easter baskets will be required to contain now: a couple Selfie Bunnies and an iTunes gift card.