Milwaukee sausage spot The Vanguard plans to get very Seinfeldian.

Credit: NBC/Getty Images

This Halloween, Milwaukee's The Vanguard will get a whole let less about something, as it transforms into a very conceptual Seinfeld tribute restaurant for the night. Dubbed "A Restaurant About Nothing," the restaurant and bar will close in the afternoon for redecorating, then re-open at 7 p.m. with a new food and cocktail menu inspired by the classic sitcom.

Known for its acclaimed sausage-based menu that includes everything from Jaimaican Lamb Currywurst to a vegan Italian/vegan chorizo combo called "Soy Meets World," The Vanguard is no stranger to changing things up. Last year, it rebranded as "Hook Line & Sinker" to serve seafood for a night, and on Halloween in 2015 it turned into "Golden Dragon," a Chinese restaurant.

For this year's costume, though, The Vanguard is getting way more specific. “We thought about going as the diner for Halloween," co-owner Chris Schulist told the Milwaukee Record, referring to the diner from show, "but we didn’t just want to be the diner." Instead, the restaurant is more holistically "inspired" by Seinfeld, "so it will basically have all the little tiny inside jokes you’ll get if you’re a huge Seinfeld fan.”

The specifics of the food and cocktails are being kept under wraps until the Halloween opening, but Schulist says, “We know how George likes his chicken spicy” and hints that Elaine’s favorite food will be included. With a curated soundtrack and Seinfeldian décor, it'll be the perfect place to show off your own Seinfeld costume, though Schulist encourages people to try for the more obscure background characters. Plus, whoever has the best one will win a free gift certificate.

While the The Vanguard's commitment to Seinfeld is admirable, the Halloween celebration could just be the start for more committed world travelers. One night of Seinfeld food and drink is good, but why not head to Australia and drop by an entirely George Costanza-themed bar?