Credit: Theo Wargo / Staff

Some might say the art of the diorama is dead. Those would probably be the same people who were proclaiming the musical dead before the hip-hop musical Hamilton hit the scene and took Broadway by storm.

Now, just in time for Easter, a few lovers of both dioramas and musicals have teamed up and taken their interest in these two often maligned mediums in a third amazing artistic direction: the art of Marshmallow Peeps.

For their entry in this year’s Washington Post Peeps Diorama Contest – which, for the record, is a real thing – Kate Ramsayer, Helen Fields and Joanna Church decided to take on Broadway’s hottest musical, recreating Hamilton in marshmallow bunny form. What inspired them to take the singing and dancing route? “The day after the Hamilton cast performed the first scene live on the Grammys, Kate sent an email that just said ‘Alexander Hamilpeep,’” Fields told Mashable. Talk about an artistic mind!

Since you inevitably can’t get a seat to see the actual musical, this might be the best opportunity to come along, so hop on over to Ramsayer’s Facebook page, toss on the official Hamilton soundtrack, and tell everyone you saw the musical everyone has been talking about… kind of.