By Mike Pomranz
Updated July 23, 2015
Credit: © Lauren Garfinkel

Here’s a bit of happy news for those of us watching the ongoing car crash that is Donald Trump’s run the presidency of the United States: a Brooklyn artist made what may be the most appropriate portrait ever of the Donald. From a Circus Peanut.

Trump and the other 19 candidates that make up the presidential pool have provided great fodder for Lauren Garfinkel. For her Edible Government project, the Brooklyn-based artist and textile designer recreates famous government figures and other socially-impactful people and ideas out of food.

Garfinkel's meatball Chris Christie —The Bully Polpette

Of course, she couldn’t turn down the opportunity to craft her mini Trump, carving the real-estate-mogul turned TV-star turned whatever-the-hell-he’s-doing-now’s visage into the oft-maligned candy. The food choice seems to work on multiple levels: Trump certainly has caused quite a media circus, but Garfinkel also said the peanut’s traditional orange color reminded her of Trump’s signature tan.

So what will become of Circuit Peanut Donald Trump. Good news for him: He won’t be eaten. When NPR asked Garfinkel if she ever eats her work after photographing it, she replied, “No… Especially with the portraits, that just seems so barbaric.” Though I’m sure there are some people out there who would say Trump deserves such barbaric treatment.

[h/t NPR]