Enticing sweets from leading restaurants.

In honor of Valentine's Day, here's Food & Wine's recipe for romance:
candlelight, Champagne, a little Billie Holiday, selected readings from D. H. Lawrence and--as the pièce de résistance--a rich, sensual, totally irresistible dessert. To help Cupid's cause, we've gathered six seductive treats from top restaurants across the country. Some are easy to make; others require a bit more effort. All are worth every decadent calorie.

The sweet-tart lemon flans from Commander's Palace in New Orleans, for instance, have crisp phyllo toppings that make the velvety custard seem even more sumptuous. The buttery tartlets from The Ruggles Grill in Houston contrast crunchy macadamia nuts with chunks of tender white chocolate. Chocolate fanatics will also swoon over the dark, moist tortes from Phoenix's Vincent Guerithault on Camelback. These desserts are so pretty that you'll fall for them even before you bring spoon to mouth.