Credit: © OREO

After going on a torrid tear of new flavor releases over the last couple of years, the crazy folks at Oreo are showing no signs of slowing down in 2016. In fact, quite the opposite: Not only has the brand already announced two all-new flavors so far, but yesterday they also unveiled a giant Oreo door in New York City as an official preview pop-up for their new flavor.

First things first, the new flavors. After introducing Cinnamon Bun Oreos just a few short weeks ago, Oreo addicts already need to start gearing up for the release of Filled Cupcake Oreos on February 8. If you’re like me, you found yourself asking, “Oh, come on, Oreo. No one even knows what ‘Filled Cupcake’ means!” First, that isn’t a question. Second, “Filled Cupcake” is basically just a non-trademarked way of saying Hostess Cupcakes—those chocolate cupcakes filled with cream. Oreo attempts to re-create that sensation by using chocolate cream between the cookies with a dollop of vanilla cream filling in the center, a concoction that left the Huffington Post proclaiming, “Oreo, we’re bored.” (What took you so long, HuffPo?)

But in an attempt to end that collective boredom, Oreo tried another giant gimmick yesterday, constructing what they called the Oreo Wonder Vault in a garage on 18th Street in Manhattan. Featuring a massive Oreo-shaped door, the location was doling out free Filled Cupcake Oreo trials for most of the day.

Unfortunately, it appears the strange Oreo door was only a one-day event. But at Oreo’s current pace, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Wonder Vault pops up again very soon. Probably with, I don’t know, Fish Stick Oreos? What flavors are left?