By Chris Mah
Updated October 23, 2014
Credit: © Chris Mah

At one of Seattle’s smallest food carts, chef Carlo Chalisea recreates the flavors of Peru using old family recipes and a lean menu of just a few knock-out sandwiches. In addition to the classic chicharron (lime, cilantro, and fatty pork, boiled tender then lightly fried with spices), Don Lucho created a fantastic fried yuca sub for vegetarians. It's filling and delicious.

The Bread: Don Lucho’s favors locally baked ciabatta that's soft enough to soak up the sandwiches’ rich juices and sauces. The moist, pillowy buns are lightly pressed on a hot grill before the sandwiches are assembled, then sliced neatly into halves. It’s like a warm hug for sandwich filling.

The Filling: Humble yuca, a starchy, tuberous root, gets an upgrade on Don Lucho’s Veggie Sandwich. It’s grated, formed into patties, then shallow fried into a crispy hashbrown. Joining it between the buns are fresh tomato, romaine lettuce, grilled red onion, and cilantro, all dressed with a spicy Rocoto sauce of Peruvian peppers, onions, and garlic pureed with evaporated milk.

Wash it Down with: There’s not much extra room in this tiny cart for sides or beverages, but Don Lucho’s offers several flavors of Jarritos, Mexican fruit sodas.

Where to Find Them: Check the website before you go, because Don Lucho’s schedule rotates frequently. Try to catch them at Hilliard’s taproom, a hipster favorite where you can chow down on your sandwich with a pint of the brewery’s popular saison right next to huge fermenting tanks.