By Carey Jones
Updated January 14, 2015
© Geoffrey Smith

This time of year is Dungeness crab season on the West Coast and chefs go crazy for the plump, sweet-meated crustaceans. You'll find them steamed and roasted whole, you'll find crab meat atop pasta and salads and, at Chippy's in Seattle, you'll find a killer crab roll.

“When we were planning Chippy’s menu, I wanted to create something that would really be the signature dish of the Pacific Northwest," says chef Ethan Stowell. "The East Coast has the lobster roll—now we’ve got the crab roll."

The bread. A baguette from Le Panier, a favorite French bakery located in Seattle's famous Pike Place market.

The filling. Crab plays the undisputed starring role here. "Dungeness crab is one of the most iconic, important, and delicious foods from our region—we wouldn’t dream of using anything else in the sandwich we created to symbolize Seattle," says chef Stowell. "The slightly sweet crab, tangy lemon aioli, and creamy avocado all layer together for the perfect combination of flavors. It’s exactly how I’d make it at home.”