David Chang tackles everything from steak to parenthood in four new episodes.
Ugly Delicious season two trailer
Credit: Courtesy of Netflix

After teasing the news in 2018, the second season of David Chang’s Ugly Delicious is almost here.

We’ve called the show one of the most important documentary food series in years and an “international master class” in comfort food. Come March 6, the next installment will be ready to stream, and Netflix just dropped a sneak peek of what’s to come in a new trailer.

“Deliciousness, as a whole, is like a meme,” Chang says near the beginning. “It’s going to find a way to survive.”

While the first season had eight episodes, season two of Ugly Delicious will only have four, with Chang hopping everywhere from Mumbai and Sydney to Istanbul and Tokyo. In one episode titled “Don’t Call It Curry,” he heads to India with Padma Lakshmi and Aziz Ansari as his guides. Another episode, called “As the Meat Turn," has him investigate the vertical spit, and why the cooking method is often associated with late-night food. “Steak” is a meaty episode too, and it debunks “the laws about steak,” with Chang visiting Japan for wagyu beef, “fake Australia” (aka Outback Steakhouse), and backyard barbecues.

Several other guest stars join him along the way, including Nick Kroll, Helen Rosner, Danny McBride, Bill Simmons, Chris Ying, and Dave Choe. We’ll also see Chang and his wife, Grace, prepare for the birth of their son, Hugo, and tackle questions from balancing the demands of the restaurant industry with a growing family to what parents around the world feed their children. At one point, he wonders aloud what kind of food third graders like to eat, and his mom, Sherri, is also shown demonstrating how to make a dish for the baby to eat. 

“There’s a moment of reckoning right now between ‘old Dave Chang’ and ‘dad Dave Chang,’ he says. 

Ugly Delicious season two will premiere on Netflix on March 6—you can find the episodes when they launch here.