A couple of weeks back I was on the Today show talking about seasonal beers—for instance Winter Warmer from Harpoon, which has cinnamon and nutmeg in it, Smuttynose's Pumpkin Ale (one of the only pumpkin ales I've ever liked), and Moorhouse's luscious Pendle Witches' Brew. A fun segment, albeit a bit fast and loose with the proper beer terminology; for my part, I was on a powerful dose of decongestants so I wouldn't sound like a goose with a clothespin on its beak, and when you add in the beer we were sipping, it's a wonder I was coherent at all. Anyway. The point of this ramble is that when I was putting the segment together, it was actually sort of difficult trying to remember which breweries produce which seasonal beers.

So, hats off to the Brewers' Association (the trade organization for U.S. craft brewers) for putting together a whole site devoted to seasonal beer releases throughout the year. Pick the state where you live and a season, and the hardworking circuits behind the thing will immediately give you what beers are (or should be) available to you. Of course, this may only interest the true beer geeks among us, but I still thought it was pretty cool.