By Mike Pomranz
Updated April 27, 2015
© Jenn Fujikawa

Bigfoot doesn’t exist. You’re more likely to find him in the middle of a Bundt cake than you are walking around in the wild.

Maybe that logic inspired blogger Jenn Fujikawa to create her Bigfoot Bundt Cake. With this fun recipe published on Nerdist, you can transform the search for the elusive Sasquatch from a thing of legend into dessert.

First, whip up a chocolate cake and use a Bigfoot cookie cutter (such as this one) to cut out a Bigfoot slice. Then, while preparing your Bundt cake, pour just a tiny bit of batter in to start. From there, stick your Sasquatch slice upside-down somewhere in your Bundt cake tin before continuing to pour out the rest of your batter as you normally would. The chocolate Bigfoot will get buried in your white Bundt, meaning hidden somewhere in your cake is a secret slice of hairy humanoid. It’s kind of like a conspiracy theorist’s twist on a king cake.

Make your dessert even more exciting by adding in some incentive for finding Bigfoot in your slice. Maybe whoever gets him has to make out with the hairiest person in the room, like some sort of furry take on Spin the Bottle. Or maybe turn it into a drinking game—the winner can drink an entire Sierra Nevada Bigfoot Barleywine. So many possibilities!