The celebrity chef behind Husk recorded a pair of duets with Nashville based musician Boo Ray. 
Boo Ray and Sean Brock
Credit: Price Harrison

Sean Brock’s next foray into the spotlight isn’t to open another restaurant—he’s actually getting into the music business. Brock recently recorded two duets with the alt-country musician Boo Ray.

Ray recruited the chef—well known for his celebration of Southern cuisine—for his “BooCoos Amigos” series. This is the first time that the series has featured a chef, though. The musician originally bonded with Brock over their mutual love of food and tattoos, and the story of their friendship is very 2018: Apparently, Brock initially followed Ray on Instagram after coming across a picture of Georgia-based tattoo artist Mitchell Atkinson on his page. Later, Brock recognized Ray in a coffee shop in Nashville and struck up an (IRL) conversation with him. The two quickly became close.

The 7-inch vinyl the duo recorded features two songs, “Saint Misbehavin’” and “Soul Food Cookin.” The first song is a tribute to their friend Mitchell Atkinson, who passed away in 2011 in a motorcycle accident.

“We figured we ought to write a number about Mitch, bemoaning ‘the foolish ways that take our friend before they’re old,’ Ray said in a statement. The second song on the record seemed as “natural as a hiccup,” given that Brock is a chef, of course.

“Watching Boo Ray magically turn our ideas into something you can play on a turntable was the songwriting equivalent of ‘farm-to-table’ cooking,” said Brock. “These songs were made to crank up with the windows down and the throttle wide open.”

The duets are both upbeat, celebratory country songs that will probably make you want to dance or cheers to your friends with a glass of whiskey. Brock proves himself to be quite the musician on the soulful, guitar-heavy tracks, which certainly highlight his Southern, rock and roll persona.

The collaboration’s digital release will be available on July 27, but you’ll also be able to pick up a physical copy of the vinyl on August 24. You can pre-order a copy here.