Seamus Mullen shares a few cooking strategies that make cleanup easier and faster.

Brown-Bagging Fish

Instead of roasting fish in a pan, cook it in a plain brown-paper lunch bag set on a baking sheet. Brush the bag liberally with olive oil and add a well-seasoned piece of fish along with slices of lemon and vegetables. Close the bag, place on the baking sheet and cook at 375° until the fish is opaque; an eight-ounce fillet will take about eight minutes. Cut the bag open, remove the fish and serve.

Oven-Frying Bacon

Instead of using a skillet on a stovetop, cook bacon strips on a baking sheet in the oven at 350°, turning once. Not only does the bacon emerge from the oven flat instead of curled, but it’s always evenly crisped.

Peeling Vegetables

To keep kitchen counters and cutting boards tidy, peel vegetables over a bowl or baking sheet, then slide the scraps right into the garbage.