The world of high-end food delivery continues to grow.

By James Oliver Cury
Updated May 24, 2017
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Not too long ago, if you wanted to order dinner from apps like Seamless or GrubHub, you were probably looking at downmarket sushi, burritos, burgers, or Asian food. Not fine dining, not Per Se. Well, the world keeps changing, and now you're going to start seeing more online menus hawking fancy foods made from scratch and made to order.

In New York, restaurateur Tim Powell has set his ambitions high: There's no brick-and-mortar address to visit, but he's still expecting his chef at Delivery Only to produce an international selection of dishes including shawarma, rigatoni bolognese, fried chicken, burgers (made with dry aged short rib and sirloin and served on made-from-scratch buns), and one of the pricier fried rice dishes you will ever see—for $17—made with chorizo pork belly, marinated ribeye, roasted chicken, griddled shrimp, egg, snow peas and scallions.

The man behind the meals is chef Jospeh Nierstedt, who developed his skills at top-tier eateries like Per Se, California's The Restaurant at Meadowood, and Mugaritz in Spain.

Nierstedt follows David Chang, who famously announced that he'll be opening a delivery-only, app-friendly Momofuko spinoff called Ando (featuring chicken cheesesteaks and tofu bowls, among other things). Chang has also invested in the delivery-only company Maple. Increasingly, these are being referred to as "ghost restaurants." The list includes Savory, Munchery, Nomz (noodle soups only), and Green Summit, which is not a single virtual eatery, but rather a conglomerate of online-only destinations. In San Francisco, SpoonRocket has already come and gone and will be coming back again now that Brazilian startup iFood has purchased it.

To those of you who enjoy the service at nice restaurants: I'm sorry to say there is no app for you.

[h/t Eater]