By Mike Pomranz
Updated December 28, 2016
fasting tracker zero
Credit: © Zero - Fasting Tracker

Plenty of apps out there claim to help you count calories, but what about all the calories you don’t eat? If fasting is your game, say hello to “Zero” – a new app designed specifically to help you track what you don’t put in your body. Think of it like Candy Crush where to win, all you need to do is not crush any candy.

In a post on the site Medium, designer Kevin Rose explained his super hero inspiration behind the app. “My interest in intermittent fasting (IF) started several years ago when I learned that Hugh Jackman used a daily 16-hour fast to lean up for his role in Wolverine,” wrote Rose. He tried the actor’s regimen and dropped five pounds in a week. Still, Rose wasn’t entirely sold: “I knew this was a fun body hack to lose weight, but that doesn’t mean it’s healthy for you,” he continued. However, after a deeper dive into the science behind fasting, Rose wrote that he found the data “pretty exciting,” citing a number of purported health benefits. He’s continued fasting since.

Zero – which is available in the iTunes App Store – is a free app designed to be “a simple fasting tracker” that is also “completely customizable” with settings for “Circadian Rhythm Fasting,” “Custom Intermittent Fasting” and “5:2 Fasting.” That’s right: All your favorite fasts are here! For fasts tied to daylight hours, the app uses your phone’s location to track sunrise and sunset hours. And you can also export your data to a spreadsheet for further analysis – because nothing distracts you from hunger pangs like pouring over and Excel sheet.

Rose admits that fasting isn’t for everyone. “Reminder: Before fasting, it’s important to talk to your doctor,” he emphasizes at the bottom of his post. Or in lieu of talking to your doctor, maybe someone will create an app that will talk to your doctor about fasting for you. Oh wait…Nevermind.