By Abbe Baker
Updated January 11, 2017
Credit: Courtesy of @BrunchBoys

Where: Empellón Taqueria, NYC

What: When chef/owner of the Empellón empire Alex Stupak created the brunch menu at his Taqueria, he went big: “Brunch is indulgent and hedonistic. People need gut bombs and hangover cures. We deconstructed scrambled eggs and cheese but increased the cheese by a factor of five.” The aptly-named Scrambled Egg Fundido is just that—a glutinous bowl of melted cheese topped with soft scrambled eggs, crumbled chorizo, crispy potatoes, and arbol chile salsa. Really, who needs utensils? (Insert high-five emoji here.)

Wash it down with: Stupak recommends a michelada—beer with a bit of salt, lime juice, and a shot of spicy salsa. “It definitely has the proper salinity to stand up to the fundido.”

And if that still doesn’t do the trick, Stupak recommends traditional pozole, a traditional Mexican stew (and his favorite hangover remedy). “You have pigs feet and tripe in a gelatinous broth. The chiles and the acid from the lime can be invigorating when your stomach is a little off. And it gets better as it sits so this is perfect if you’re planning for a hangover.”

Lucky for us, we don’t have to plan—pozole is readily available at Empellón Al Pastor.