Island Creek founder Skip Bennett is opening an oyster bar.Until today, I wasn’t jealous of Boston. Not because we've got the World Series champion Yankees; because in New York City we have access to one of Boston's most outstanding purveyors, Island Creek Oysters (as my colleague Kristin Donnelly has noted, they supply little NYC restaurants like Per Se). But now I'm hearing news that makes me envious. The Island Creek Oyster Bar will open next to Boston's Hotel Commonwealth (in the old Great Bay space) in late summer. Jeremy Sewall will be the chef, which makes sense because he was the first chef to visit Island Creek farms, and also because the oyster bar will be right next to his Eastern Standard Kitchen dining room. Of course, the place won’t just offer oysters: Skip Bennett, Island Creek Oysters' founder and a partner in the upcoming restaurant, has just launched a local, sustainable seafood program called Direct to Chef, which you can read about in the just-out May issue of Food & Wine. So look for New England–sourced striped bass, black bass and in-shell scallops on the menu—in season, anyway.