Nick Anderer will oversee the menu on Gramercy Park Hotel's roof.There was no shortage of April Fool’s Day jokes yesterday. My favorite was an announcement that the nomadic Sichuan chef Peter Chang would be opening Changri-la, a private supper club in Atlanta at constantly changing, password-secured locations where he wouldn’t even be cooking. But this isn’t a joke. As the New York Post’s Page 6 reported a few months ago, über-restaurateur Danny Meyer is in development on a place on the roof of the Gramercy Park Hotel, home to his great new Roman-style trattoria, Maialino. But it won’t be, as some people speculated, a Shake Shack. Instead, Maialino’s talented chef, Nick Anderer, will oversee the menu, which might or might not be Italian, but will definitely not be Maialino Upstairs. I want to say that Meyer will keep the roof-top bar private, but now it's too late for April Fool's Day jokes.