By Mike Pomranz
Updated May 05, 2016

Do you hate the sound of someone chewing? If you’re not sure, good news, the video above will help you find out… because it opens with the sound of the host sloppily chewing an apple.

After that infuriating start, the video attempts to answer the question “Why does the sound of chewing drive us nuts?” Unfortunately, the answer is (spoiler alert!): we don’t really know. In fact, doctors can’t even agree on whether “misophonia” – a proposed disorder defined by a sensitivity to sound which literally translates to “hatred of sound” – should be recognized as a true medical condition.

Although this four-minute video provides plenty of interesting background on misophonia, it never really answers the question it asks. It’s inspired me to propose my own new disorder: “misoyoutubia” – which translates to “hatred of YouTube.” It’s defined as being lured into a video with an interesting title that results in frustrated when you’re not provided with a satisfying resolution. I don’t think it’s as common as misophonia, but it’s getting there.