Credit: @ keri_hansen

Good news, food-loving iPhone owners. Yesterday, Apple released the latest update to their iOS system, and it includes 184 new emojis, including pretty much all the food items that you feel have been sadly neglected until now.

The much clamored for taco is finally here in all of its Americanized, hard corn shell and cheddar cheese glory. Another American staple, the hot dog, is here too. Filling out the food-related list is the hot pepper, a cheese wedge, the burrito (a.k.a. taco’s best friend) and popcorn. The movies will never be the same. Plus, we now have a “fork and knife with plate” emoji for your general dining texting needs.

Drinks, unfortunately, didn’t see nearly as many additions, but they got one big one: Champagne. Hey, let’s give a Champagne emoji to that!

You can see a list of all the new iOS 9.1 emojis over at Emojipedia. I’ll give that news a taco emoji, not because it’s relevant, but just because we can.