We’ve already got the world’s first computer-generated cookbook, and now we’re about to get the world’s first robot chef in the kitchen. Sure, we’ve seen some simple attempts at automating our kitchen tasks—putting pancake batter on a griddle or making coffee in a pod machine—but Moley Robotic has just shown off a machine that can actually cook from scratch.

The robot can take on more complicated tasks because instead of needing every single movement coded in, it can store and replicate movements made by an actual human chef and mimic them. Tim Anderson, winner of the BBC's MasterChef competition in 2011, told NPR that using motion-capture gloves, “I ran through [a crab bisque] recipe five times, and then the programmers and technicians took the motions I made and chose the smoothest and cleanest ones and spliced them together.” The result is a robot that makes a perfect bisque every time.

The robot has a few shortcomings, though: Anderson said it has a very difficult time dealing with any inconsistencies in the ingredients. But by the time Moley starts selling its robot chef to the public in 2017, it anticipates the machine will have mastered 2,000 recipes.

Check it out in action above and then get ready to bow down to your robotic culinary overlords—or at the very least enjoy their crab bisque.