We recently introduced you to the pancake-stacking robot. He was fine. A hard worker who could stack pancakes by the dozens. But let’s face it, he was a little boring. And so today we bring a hot new pancake robot for your viewing pleasure. This one designs pancakes in any shape you can imagine. The origin of the pancake bot traces back to Miguel Valenzuela, a Norwegian who actually built the prototype out of Legos, as you can see below. We’re not totally sure how they flipped something as delicate as that Eiffel Tower, but we’re sure it’s delicious. If you’re in the San Francisco area from May 17 to 18, you can check out the pancake bot person at the Maker Faire. While pancake bot is pretty impressive, we are worried that this is one more step towards robot domination. Whoever controls the pancakes, controls the people.