The newest version of the app makes logging your favorite restaurants and bars easier than ever.
Credit: Courtesy of Foursquare Swarm

If you eat out or frequent bars regularly enough it gets difficult to keep track of all your favorite spots, especially when you’re visiting more of the latter than the former. However, Swarm 5.0, the newly rolled out version of the popular Foursquare check-in app, makes it easier than ever to log all of your favorite spots and make them instantly searchable to your friends and family.

The new streamlined 5.0 includes an updated profile view so users can now see all of their Swarm achievements instantly, including total lifetime check-ins, how many unique places they’ve visited and the number of categories they’ve checked into.

Along with the improved profile, Swarm 5.0 makes it easier to keep up with the places your friends have been. Essentially, it lets you get and give recommendations without ever having to talk to anyone. Besides making locations instantly shareable, the app’s improved map design allows you to drop new pins onto the map with every new check-in. Approved friends can also now view your check-in streaks and photos.

Lastly, users can now search for friends and reflect on the places they’ve been by searching through visited categories, locations and history from one universal search bar. Of course, Swarm’s competitive structure is still use as well—users can keep collecting stickers through check-ins and to compete with friends on the check-in leaderboard by earning the most "coins" each week.

If you're the friend in your group or the member of your family that always gets asked for restaurant tips, Swarm is a great way to not have to write the same long tips email every time someone new visits your city. However, it also possibly means giving your parents direct access to how often you're going out for drinks. Maybe we won't accept their friend request just yet.