"The Press" aims to help readers plan a trip to northern California's wine country.
Credit: Georges Gobet/AFP/Getty Images

The San Francisco Chronicle, one of California's oldest and most relied-upon newspapers, uncorked their newest media property today, a new wine-focused website fittingly called The Press. The new site will act as an interactive guide to neighboring Napa and Sonoma counties, along with publishing content on such topics as different types of grapes, the stories behind select wineries and the history of the entire Northern California wine region.

"With The Press, wine lovers get recommendations and insight from Esther Mobley, one of the top wine journalists in the country, along with her crew of writers," said Kitty Morgan, Assistant Managing editor for Lifestyle for The Chronicle, in a press release. "They've visited hundreds of the region's wineries, checked out the tasting rooms and sampled the wines. With this information, those wine lovers can then plan a trip that meets their budgets, time frame and interests."

While The San Fransisco Chronicle continues to cover the local wine industry to this day, The Press is designed to provide not just information, but also the tools to organize an actual trip to Napa, including which wineries to visit and accommodation. The Press will also feature reviews of everything from the wineries and tasting rooms to restaurants, hotels, and events in the region. Conveniently, The Press is also mobile-friendly, which allows users to plan their dream Napa Valley trip from home or on the road.

Also, the Press' interactive map feature allows you to plot your next wine tour featuring any of the site's 40 partner wineries. For more more information about Napa and Sonoma counties, check out our coverage of the best wineries in the region here.