A techy new way to cook outdoors this summer.

By Max Bonem
Updated May 30, 2017

Summer is grilling season, but let's face facts: The logistics of your standard outdoor cooking setups can sometimes get in the way of completely enjoying yourself.

For instance, if you go the charcoal route, you will need a variety of supplies, including a chimney, lighter fluid, and, of course, charcoal. If you go the gas route, you will need ample propane and an extra person or two to help you transport the grill should you ever want to enjoy the great outdoors beyond your own yard. For those of us who are tired of these headaches, however, the new solar-powered GoSun Grill is here to make outdoor cooking a much simpler experience.

Courtesy of GoSun

The secret to the GoSun Grill is its solar vacuum tube that absorbs light while acting as an insulator, which then cooks your food, regardless of the weather. While larger dishes require at least partial sun for full cooking, the grill is designed to be preheated before each use and can do so even with overcast skies. Additionally, GoSun is developing a solar electric hybrid model to allow for nighttime cooking as well.

The GoSun Grill can reach a maximum of 450°F (232°C) and while you can't actually grill with it, it does allow users to bake, roast or steam for up to eight people. Also, at only 30 lbs., the GoSun Grill is versatile enough to be set up everywhere from a picnic table in the park to a cookout at the beach. (Notably absent from the cooking methods is actual grilling, but give them a break—they're working entirely without fire)

The GoSun Grill currently retails for $799.00, however, GoSun sells additional solar cookers of various sizes as well, ranging from the GoSun Dogger ($59.00), which is designed to cook two hot dogs and only two hot dogs, to their most popular model, the GoSun Sport, for $279.00. Additionally, GoSun offers a commercial scale solar oven for $3,995 should you really want to take your solar cooking to the next level.

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