By Clara Olshansky
Updated September 18, 2015
Credit: Courtesy of

If you've ever wished your breakfast were also a magic trick, the Golden Goose egg scrambler has got you covered. This bizarre device allows you to beat your egg within the shell, so after you cook it, you can crack it open and find a perfectly golden egg. No longer do you have to whirl your egg around in an old sock to make these pre-scrambled marvels.

The device is comprised of an egg cradle with an elastic insert, nylon cords and handles. To scramble your egg, you rest the uncooked egg in the elastic compartment, secure it within the locking ring and wind it up. As you pull on the handles repeatedly, the motion evenly scrambles the egg for you, so it's good to go when you take it out of the compartment.

Next on the docket for the Goose Brand is the Butter Boss, a vertical butter dish tricked out with all kinds of additional functionality. Because you know you think your butter dish has been lacking. To order an egg scrambler and follow Goose's other innovations, you can check out the brand on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.