With Easter less than a week away we’re deep into egg decorating season. Not everyone though, has the requisite skills for this time of year. What are those of us who are not incredible egg artists to do? Go to the Lego Store of course. YouTuber JK Brickworks used a Lego EV3 robotics set to build an egg decorator that will provide all the egg coloring precision we've come to expect from a Lego robot. Yes, it’s a niche item, but with all the dumb single use kitchen tools out there, it’s hardly unprecedented.

If you can pull off the engineering work needed, all you have to do is pop in a Sharpie, hook up your egg and let the machine do its thing. JK was even nice enough to provide detailed instructions on how to make it.

Now if someone could just come out with a Lego Peep fabricator we’d really have a good Easter Sunday.