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British Supermarket Sends a Single Chicken Nugget to Space
It's unclear if the chicken nugget underwent special training before its mission.
Is It Better to Skip Dinner or Eat Right Before You Go to Bed?
It’s kinda late…but you’re kinda hungry. At this point, which is the healthier option—eating before bed or skipping dinner altogether?
What Your Food Cravings Are Really Trying to Tell You
A nutritionist explains how to handle your hankerings.
A California Bakery Makes 'Harry Potter,' Winter Olympics, and 'Stranger Things' Macarons
Irvine's Honey & Butter offers a rotating menu of sweet tributes to pop culture icons.
Chobani Food Incubator Names Its Second Class of Seven Innovative Businesses
These seven startups cover a wide range of food categories from frozen seafood to alcoholic ginger beer.
Amazon Wants to Give Alexa a Pair of Smart Glasses—Report
The new glasses would connect wirelessly to a smartphone and would boast a “bone-conduction audio system” allowing the person wearing the spectacles to hear Alexa’s voice without headphones.

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Amazon Is Finding Innovative Ways to Bring Impulse Buys into the Home
Have you ever ordered candy through your voice-controlled assistant?
Impossible Burger’s 'Blood' Comes From Soybean Roots
Heme is a molecule found in meat, fish and plants that humans have consumed daily for hundreds of thousands of years.