Playful new food-and-drink ideas borrowed from the laboratory.
New Vieux

© Kana Okada

Cocktail Chemistry

Beaker & Flask in Portland, Oregon, features Kevin Ludwig’s drink experiments—wacky and elegant. His simple New Vieux (right), inspired by New Orleans’s Vieux Carré cocktail.

The Wines of Substance

© Terry Monk

Elements of Wine

The Wines of Substance ($14–$18;, made in Walla Walla, WA, riff on chemistry’s periodic table. Instead of chlorine (Cl) and sodium (Na), there’s Syrah (Sy) and Merlot (Me).

Lab Gastropub in Los Angeles

© Ian Evenstar

Beer & Burger Lab

No need for Bunsen burners or protective goggles at the Lab Gastropub in Los Angeles, located just off the University of Southern California campus. Beakers hold beer made for the restaurant by local brewery Karl Strauss; Erlenmyer flasks double as vases.