Credit: © Farrah Shaikh McLaren

Seeking validation for your excessive sushi delivery habit? How about – it can save your life.

A new study by researchers at Tokyo’s National Centre for Global Health and Medicine built upon previous data to determine that the Japanese diet does lead to longer, healthier lives. The new study shows that people who subscribe to the Japanese “spinning top” diet have a 15% lower mortality rate—a statistic researchers drew from an association with cases of cardiovascular disease.

The Japanese "spinning top" is similar to the USDA's "My Plate" (which was previously the Food Guide Pyramid). “It encourages substantial intake of water and tea, grains, vegetables, lean meat, fish and soybean dishes and lower consumption of fruit, dairy and sweets” says Alix Turoff, RD of Top Balance Nutrition.

We shouldn’t be surprised that dosing ourselves with lean proteins like fish is better for our health, but we are happy to hear that we can keep piling on the maki rolls at lunch.