In my eternal quest for the perfect cupcake, I came across an article about a major cupcake debate, which actually has a formal title: "The Cupcake Problem." (The term was apparently coined by Marion Nestle, a professor of nutrition at New York University.) In an effort to cut down on the sugar, fat and empty calories that children are eating, schools are now suggesting that cupcakes be banned. I find this outrageous, and apparently so do a lot of folks. It's possible to imagine a school without candy and soda, but the buck stops at cupcakes. I guess schools would like to see birthdays celebrated with whole grain muffins (what fun!) or maybe we can just stick a candle into an apple and take ALL of the fun out of it. Well, I'm not alone...apparently, cupcakes mean a whole lot to Americans. I'm personally feeling very patriotic right now.

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