Hint: It's all about butter.
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Credit: Mike Lang/Getty Images

Chances are you’re going to be making a lot of steaks this summer because you’ll be posted up by (what we hope is) your new grill. While it might be difficult to imagine getting tired of grilled steak, your challenge as grill master will be to keep the dish exciting. The easiest way to do that is through the sauce you serve with it (and the sides, of course). If you want something with a little more verve than the typical A1, Pinterest has the key: a butter-based sauce that has been saved more than 50,000 times.

As Today reports, this super popular steak sauce is simple, but a consistent winner at the dinner table. You need just a few basic ingredients to pull it off: melted butter, minced shallots, chives, garlic, horseradish, Dijon mustard, and fresh thyme—and if you want to add some heat, a touch of cayenne pepper. Plus, there’s a bonus: it’s gluten-free and keto (as it states on the much-pinned photo), if those are things you consider before trying a new recipe.

The sauce only takes five minutes to whip up, so while your meat is resting (yes, you have to let your meat rest!) you can make it with enough time to set the table and gather everyone for dinner. There’s just one crucial step to making this sauce that you can’t skip, though: You have to let it sit for ten minutes so that the combined ingredients thicken. That makes it the perfect texture for dipping.

Though Pinterest calls it a steak sauce, this buttery dip will work on anything you’ve got cooking on the grill, including vegetables and chicken. If you decide to take a break from red meat or have a vegetarian coming over for dinner, keep this recipe in your back pocket because it's versatile to use in any season or situation.