National Corn Dog Day 2009

2009 National Corn Dog Day

Now that our President has picked his NCAA bracket (and his picks have been scrutinized for political intent), it's time to get the college basketball tournament started the right way: with a lot of corn dogs.

Don't get me wrong, I usually find national [insert mass-marketed food here] days to be empty branding campaigns of no import, but this one is actually really fun, as well as close to my heart. You can read about its apocryphal beginnings here. What the history doesn't tell you is how a casual, annual tradition among a few friends blew up into a day with its own website, a really cool poster (pictured), and nearly 400 parties around the country supplied by sponsorships from Foster Farms, Pabst Blue Ribbon beers and—new this year—Jones Soda (with the excellent slogan: Because Corn is for Dogs, Sugar is for Soda). I can't fully account for it, either, and I know a lot of the people involved. Suffice to say, it's one of the unexpected dangers of too much education, too much free time and too much expertise in building Internet-based political movements. The important thing is, there's a party in a town near you where a few poor souls will have way more sweet and tasty corn dogs than even competitors for the Corn Dog Triple-Double would be able to eat. And if you'd rather make your own, we just happen to have a fantastic corn dog recipe right here on the F&W website, from Boston chef Jasper White.