Finally, a place where you know your red and white cap fits the dress code.
Credit: Frank P wartenberg/Getty Images

I've never worked as a professional Santa Claus (got the beard; don't have the jolliness), but I can only assume it comes with some perks. Your services are only required one month a year. You can pretty much demand any child give you his milk and cookies, no questions asked. You get to work with elves. But the gig is clearly stressful as well: bratty children, brattier parents, you're stuck working with elves, etc. So this year, the well-known port producer Cockburn's has come up with an idea to help Santas out… a private club serving free port.

From now until Christmas Eve, any working Santa in uniform can swing by the M Victoria in London, England — part of a small chain of British steakhouses — and hit up the Cockburn's Private Members' Club for a place to relax and grab a free glass of Cockburn's Special Reserve Port. Cockburn's is billing this as "the first ever private members' club for working Santas" according to The Drinks Business, a claim which may or may not be true, but either way, it's got to be nice for Santas to have a posh place to unwind where they know their red and white outfit will fit the dress code.

"Everyone loves it when Santa makes an appearance at Christmas, but it's not always as jolly as it seems," Cockburn's Anthony Symington was quoted as saying. "Our research found that Father Christmas can succumb to workplace stress just the same as the rest of us, so we thought it was time to give back to dear old Saint Nick!"

Meanwhile, Martin Williams, the founder of M Victoria, said he was totally on board with the idea, seeing as he had previously worked as a Santa himself. "Sometimes all you want after a long day in the grotto is to be able to unwind with some good company and a glass of your favorite tipple, which we'll happily provide," Williams said.

But though assuring a few Santas will drop by your restaurant could prove to be fun for diners, wouldn't you be worried about an influx of drunken, rowdy Santas as well? Haven't the Brits heard of SantaCon?! If your nose gets as red as Rudolph's, it's time to go, Santa!